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By Senzeal | 14 November 2023 | 0 Comments

What should we do if 2-month-old kitten is too dirty

Many cat keep like to do some intimate behaviors with cats, such as they obsessed with cat-sniffing until they are deprived of oxygen, and sleeping with cats. Of course, in this weather, cats are like a small stove next to them in bed. Cats are naturally clean animals, but there are still some places that they can’t clean that we need to help them clean. So for the physical and mental health of all cat keep, let’s learn how to clean cat with us, so that we can pet cats more calmly.

1. Take a bath regularly

Kitten don’t need to be bathed too frequently. Short-haired kitten should be bathed once every 2-3 months. However, long-haired kitten have poor cleaning ability. In addition, long hair can easily trap dirt, parasites and bacteria can breed easily in summer. Twice a month and once in winter is enough. When bathing your kitten, you must wash it thoroughly, move quickly, and complete it in as short a time as possible. Be careful not to pour water into the kitten's eyes and ears to avoid causing the kitten's disgust. You can first put absorbent cotton balls in the kitten's ears and take them out after bathing. When taking a bath, use a specialized shower gel in order to wash away some of the kitten's dirt.

Kitten can not be bathed before getting vaccinated! Because unvaccinated kittens have weak immunity, bathing can easily lead to colds, diarrhea, or even more serious conditions. After vaccination, bathe with kitten-specific shower gel to avoid side effects caused by human shower gel (the pH of human skin and animal skin is different). Don’t bathe your kitten too frequently.

2. Comb your cat regularly

Cats all have fur loss problems, so if you are really worried about this day, comb your cat regularly and develop a habit for your cat. When combing, start from the back and follow the growth direction of the hair, from the neck to the buttocks. Use a comb to gently comb the fur; too much force will not only make them uncomfortable and resist, but also cause skin damage. When combing the face, comb from the cheeks to the neck. when combing the head, comb from the top of the head to the neck. Comb the fur on the abdomen from the chest to the abdomen. The belly is a more sensitive area, so comb it gently and quickly. Note: Some cats will squirm during grooming, so pay special attention to gentleness to avoid hurting their eyes or body.

Combing can keep the fur fluffy. It is best for long-haired cats to comb their fur every day. During the moulting period in spring and autumn, combing should be done 2-3 times a day to prevent long-haired cats from getting tangled. The places where long-haired cats' hair is most likely to get tangled are behind the ears, armpits, inner thighs, etc., which should be combed especially. So those who raise long-haired cats may have to work hard.

3. Treat cat ringworm

This is a very common skin disease in cats, and it is likely to be contagious if there is too much contact with people. In the early stages of ringworm, the cat will experience localized massive fur loss, and there is often a large amount of dandruff-like scales around the affected area.

As the disease progresses, scabs the size of fingernails will appear on the affected area, and the scope of fur removal will gradually expand.

Ringworm will cause the cat's coat color to deteriorate, local skin to have hard lumps, and symptoms of itching, making the cat restless and like to rub its body on the corners of tables, walls and other places.

If you find this situation, you should pay attention to it. Go to the pet pharmacy to buy some spray to treat ringworm and treat it as soon as possible.

4. Cat ear mites

Cat ear mites mainly live in the external auditory canal, causing the external auditory canal to be filled with brown, dry earwax.

A large amount of brown dry earwax in the cat's external auditory canal can cause itching of the cat's ears and head shaking. As long as the cat owners open the cat's ears, they can smell a sour smell in the cat's ears. In serious cases, he can smell it without opening it.

If not cleaned in time, the ears are likely to become inflamed, and it is also very unhygienic to sleep with others. When it is found that a cat has ear mites, buy ear mite drops in time, and drop 3-5 drops when using the medicine; massage the ears with your hands to make the medicine fully effective, wipe the ears with a cotton swab to remove the earwax, and let the cat Shake the head and repeat this 3 to 4 times until the earwax is removed from the external auditory canal. In order to ensure the complete removal of ear mites, the owner can wash it 1 to 2 times a week thereafter.

The above is what we have introduced on how to clean cats. We hope that every catkeeper can pay attention to the cleaning of your cats. Let your cat grow up happily and healthily by your side.

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