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By Senzeal | 20 November 2023 | 0 Comments

What Is The Normal Body Temperature Of Cats?

The cat's body temperature is one of the indicators of the physical condition, and the owner can prepare a thermometer to keep an eye on the cat's body temperature at any time.

1. Normal body temperature of cats
• The normal body temperature of cats is between 38.5-39.5 degrees Celsius. The body temperature is slightly lower in the morning, a little higher at night, and slightly higher after exercise than when it is quiet. Young cats are more active and generally have a slightly higher body temperature than adult cats.

• The normal temperature range of cats may vary depending on the way they measure their body temperature. The cat's body temperature can also vary with environmental temperature, mood, allergies, stimuli and other circumstances, but the range is not very large, fluctuating between 0.2-0.5.

2. How to measure the cat's body temperature
• According to the different ways of measuring the cat's body temperature, the thermometers used are different, and the time is also different.

• The measurement of cat body temperature usually takes three methods: ear temperature, skin temperature, and intestinal temperature. The temperature measured by ear and skin temperature are low, while the temperature measured through the rectum is more accurate. The accuracy of these three methods of measurement increases in turn, and the error between them is about 0.5 degrees Celsius.

• Ear temperature measurement requires a professional ear temperature gun for measurement, there are certain limitations. It is convenient to use an electronic rapid thermometer to measure skin temperature and a mercury thermometer or electronic thermometer to measure intestinal temperature.

• Measurement of anal temperature using a spiral insertion into the anus, about one-third of the insertion, and stand still for 30 seconds to one minute. But most cats are prone to violent resistance when measuring the anal temperature. In order to avoid the cat being in stress, they usually choose to measure skin temperature, which is the temperature on the inner thighs, and the measurement time is about five minutes.

3. High or low body temperature can determine physical condition
• It is not normal for a cat's body temperature to be higher than 40 degrees Celsius. The most common disease that causes an increase in body temperature is systemic inflammation, which requires detailed examination.

• The conditions that can cause a cat's body temperature to rise include catching a cold due to ventilation, catching a cold due to cooling weather, or not drying after bathing, etc., These are easy to cause diseases such as upper respiratory tract infections, and may also be accompanied by other abnormal symptoms, such as: sneezing, increased desire to drink water, etc., which need to be carefully identified.

• If the cat is not fully vaccinated and has diarrhea, vomiting, accompanied by symptoms such as loss of appetite, depression, and fever, it is necessary to consider the possibility of viral infection in the cat.

• In addition to disease factors, cat's body temperature is also affected by physiological factors such as mood, temper, nervousness and fear.

• If the cat's body temperature is low, you need to pay attention to keep the cat warm, such as adding blankets, dressing, etc.; If the body temperature is high, you need to think of ways to lower the temperature of the cat, such as cold compresses with ice packs or other methods.

• When measuring the body temperature of cats, different methods should be used for different conditions. If the body temperature is measured when vaccinating healthy cats, a less irritating skin temperature measurement is usually used; if the cat is sick, it is best to measure anal temperature, which is the most accurate and has a small error.


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