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By Lorraine | 30 June 2020 | 0 Comments

Equipment in the grass tank

senzeal planted tank

If you want to get a beautiful grass tank with green grass and green fish, we need to prepare a lot of equipment. Let’s take a look at this list together.

Required equipment:

senzeal planted aquarium

Super white tank: As the name suggests, it is the fish tank body. It is recommended that you buy a super white tank. After all, we are for viewing. It is not recommended to buy a finished tank. There are many deficiencies in this type of tank aquatic plants (depth, light, filtration, etc.). Here is also a brief introduction to the size. Micro cylinder: 30*30*30, 45*30*30; medium cylinder: 60*45*45, 90*45*45; large cylinder: 120*45*45, 150*45*45.
Only common mainstream sizes are listed here, there are other ones such as 1-meter cylinder, etc. In order to match the hardware, especially to facilitate the selection of light bulbs, medium and large cylinders are recommended to be selected in the mainstream size.
Base cabinet: a necessity for medium and large fish tanks. For mini and small tanks, it can be placed on the table.
Bottom mud: The grass tank is essential, which can be roughly divided into several categories: water grass mud, ceramsite, sand, and so on. Watergrass mud is an industrialized product, which is more balanced in all aspects. The disadvantage may be slightly more expensive, and it will be powdered after a period of use; the use of ceramsite is difficult, it needs to be matured, and the advantage is that it will not be powdered; Sand is the representative, and the appearance is more natural, but it is also more expensive. There are also various types of makeup sand.
Filter bucket: need to select filter buckets with different flow rates according to the size of the cylinder.
Filter material: The filter material that comes with the filter barrel is generally insufficient, and needs to be purchased.

senzeal filter media

Lamp panel and lamp tube: essential for aquatic growth.

senzeal fish tank light

Hanger: medium and large cylinders are necessary according to lighting equipment and can be ignored if clip lights are used.
Fish Tank Heater: a must for tropical fish.

senzeal aquarium heater

Plug-in board: a variety of electrical equipment necessary, you can prepare a few more.
Timer: necessary to control lights.

Optional equipment:

CO2 equipment: necessary for advanced, an important guarantee for the state of aquatic plants;
Water cooler: most of them do not need, some friends in the south need;
Water softener: most of them do not need to pursue the need for advanced or severely hard water quality;
Feeder: Solve the feeding problem when there is no one at home during vacation. An on time fish feeder may be a good choice.

Maintenance equipment:

Watergrass clips, water grass shears, small fishing nets, water change pipes, liquid fertilizer, fish food, etc.
The above is the list of hardware equipment needed to open a water tank. Hurry and look at the list to see if you have all the equipment.

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