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  • X7 Aquário luz 15W Venda
  • X7 Aquário luz 15W
    1.Luz principal dobro do aquário, grampo fácil sobre. 2.Apropriado para 20cm/8" ao aquário de 40cm/16", aquário de Max. Thickness 6mm. 3.Oferta 220V 50 ~ 60Hz plugue da EU e 110V 50 ~ 60Hz plugue dos US, 1600LM, 15W.
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  • Vidro Titular da planta 2pcs Venda
  • Vidro Titular da planta 2pcs
    1.Titular da planta de vidro do aquário pode fazer o seu aquário e bacia vegetal mais bonito e natural! 2.Algumas plantas não podem ser plantadas em áreas de várzea? Você pode plantar com porta-copos de plantas para pendurar em recipientes de aquário.
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Top 10 most clingy parrots (Part 1)
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Top 10 most clingy parrots (Part 2)
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Aquários e tanques de peixes não podem ser separados da filtragem da água. Tipos de filtros diferentes podem funcionar muito para melhorar a qualidade da água.
  • Caixa de isolamento de peixe   XL Tamanho Venda
  • Caixa de isolamento de peixe   XL Tamanho
    1.Previne o ataque de peixes adultos para melhorar a taxa de sobrevivência de peixes juvenis. 2.Isolate peixe agressivo, peixe ferido, peixe pequeno, camarão e outros peixes marinhos. 3. Aumentar a taxa de oxigênio da água na caixa de isolamento.
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Aquarium Pumps & Filters: The key to a beautiful aquarium is the health and prosperity of tank inhabitants. One of the important requirements of a healthy tank is the Aquarium Pumps & Filters for the tank. Aquarium Pumps & Filters on fish tanks remove excess food, decaying organic matter, free-floating particles, dangerous chemicals and fish’s wastes. When fish swimming around in the water, constantly excrete wastes. Senzeal Aquarium Pumps & Filters circulate water in the tank to prevent stagnation, maintain oxygen for aquatic organisms, and operate airstones and filters. Aquarium Pumps & Filters ensure the health and vitality of fish by maintaining the water quality and beauty of the tank. Every tank needs a proper tank pump and filter to keep your fish healthy and safe!
Aquarium Lights: Senzeal Aquarium Lights plays a key role in maintaining water quality & providing a stress-free home for your fishes. Although only fish aquariums can use basic lighting, some advanced LED aquarium lights can simulate natural light cycles and weather. Aquatic plants especially need bright light during the day and dark rest at night. LED lights are perfect for aquarium lights because they generate much less heat than incandescent bulbs, and they can produce the right color spectrum for plant growth and for viewing your tank.
Aquarium Cleaners: Senzeal provides very detailed Aquarium Cleaners tools, and these cleaning kits can help you clean your aquarium more conveniently and efficiently. Clean your tank regularly to give your fish healthy and thriving inhabitants.
Aquarium Decor: Giving your aquarium a fun and unusual themed aquarium is a great way to keep them having a great mood. It is hard to define what makes the best Aquarium Decor because there are so many options, including rocks, caves, driftwood, coral and more. The plastic artificial shell glass decor and artificial coral decor makes the perfect addition to your aquarium by helping to create a natural look and feel, without affecting your water quality. Senzeal aquarium decor also makes your fish feel at home, providing a natural hiding place to relieve stress and promote overall health in a beautiful environment.
Fish Feed & Feeders: Senzeal Aquarium Fish Feed & Feeders are electronic devices that are designed to feed aquarium fish at regular intervals. If you are a person who travels a lot, Aquarium fish feeders must be very suitable for you. It can give your fish enough food while you are away. High quality Aquarium Fish Feed & Feeders will help you to feed the fish, so that the fish can live a healthier life. Take vacations, your fish are being fed!
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